Notice of Re-Open on November

Have you been missing a night out with your friends or your loved ones? Have you been craving a fantastic teppanyaki dinner cooked by our amazing chefs? It has been a long wait and it is finally here! Burwood Teppanyaki House is glad to announce that we are re-open from 28/10/2020.

Book now and reserve your table early!  

Your sincerely,

Burwood Teppanyaki House


Once your booking has been completed, we will notify you via email of your confirmation.

Please call 03 9887 6688 if your confirmation has not been received.

Opening Hours


Friday – Sunday

12pm – 3pm


Sunday – Thursday

6pm – 10pm

Friday – Saturday

6pm – 11pm

Open 7 days



Has long been a favorite with locals.

Burwood Teppanyaki House established in 2010, we have been endeavouring to provide an unforgettable dining experience for out patrons with elegant decor, high-quality ingredients and spectacular entertainment.
The menus reflect the seaons and well balance between traditional and moder Japanese cuisine.
We are proud to offer out patrons a feast for all senses.